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27.16 | june

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 6

I paid attention to every detail while driving in my car. The clouds, the leaves blowing across the road, the dead animals being poked at bus stops. I saw it all, and it was really not that interesting. What was I paying attention to all this crap for? I wanted to see explosions or abductions or mutations of a grotesque nature.

I didn’t care for whatever shapes were appearing out of the corner of my eye. Bright star-shaped images creeping across my visual field. Worthless fellas on boats paddling in the dark on an empty sea. Brake lights in the ocean, but the sailors don’t seem to notice.

The green lights were extra green for st paddy’s day. The guy at the gas station cleaned my windshield while the sailors slept. He stops midway through cleaning my windshield to tell me how he can’t remember the last time he’s seen somehow wear corduroys in person. I’m wearing corduroys. I’m always wearing corduroys. I’m in his mind now. To him I’ll forever be the mysterious motorist with the corduroys who stopped in for gas and a half clean windshield. I think I could have made off with a bag of free cheetohs from him. The small bags. Snack size not family size. If I would have asked for a bag he would have said, “just take them. For real, dude. You’ve done enough for me already by wearing corduroys.”

The sailors are screaming. Something about their pinkies falling off.


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