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29.16 | june

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 3

As soon as the light turns green they turn left in front of me. By “they” I’m referring to the secret group of motorists who won’t wait until after I drive through the intersection to make a left turn. Today the guy wasn’t even paying attention. But when he spotted the green light he looked at me and panicked. I was already halfway through the intersection. He was stuck. Nowhere to go. Checkmate. He had a horrifying look on his face that said, “What have I done?”

“Come in. Come in. Leave the rain outside.” The Mad Lady ushered in a tall trench coat in high heels.
“Where is it?”
“Over there in the shadows.”
It was a tiny creature fixated on a wicked witch laughing at it through a small black and white television. The trench coat in high heels poked it.
“Are you sure you made this out of–”
“Pure loneliness. That’s it. Been saving it up for awhile. Had to use it before it expired.”
“Amazing. Let me go grab a box out of the car. Do you have bubble wrap?”

His car was filling up with smoke from his ears, or maybe that was the arctic blast from the air conditioner. He took his hands off the wheel in defeat. Whatever terrible fate awaited him he now had to accept. I could tell he was going to get a flat tire. Something about the way I threw a bottle at his car.


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