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a human. for now.

4.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 2

They were celebrating my driving prowess. Strangers shooting off fireworks in my honor. Everyone pulls to the side of the road to pay respect as I speed past them. A DJ informs me it’s Independence Day.

The trench coat in high heels sat across from the Mad Lady. The air conditioner broke inside the Live Cafe leaving it hot and muggy.
“Are you going to finish your cup of Joetastic?”
“I’m simply fascinated by this boy you say you’ve created from…loneliness?”
“That’s right. Loneliness,” the Mad Lady said. “You don’t mind do you?”
The Mad Lady slid the cup of Joetastic in front of her.
“I want it for my art collection. I have a beautiful estate across the country where it will fit in with the rest of my collection exceptionally well.”
“The man doesn’t believe I’m an artist. But I am.”
“When can I come by to collect my new art piece?”
“Give me 92 hours to finish the user’s manual.”
“I don’t need that.”
“It’s for the boy. He’ll need it one day.”
The Mad Lady’s scleras turned gray and drool poured down her chin as she entered into a  Joetastic Dreamland.


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