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a human. for now.

14.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 20

Slow motion at 50mph. Frankenstein at a bus stop. He blows out rings of smoke. They travel towards my car. He’s not even smoking. I wonder where he’s heading. What bus will pick him up? He stares at his shadow then blows out smoke rings. He takes out his ID. It covers my windshield. Frankenstein waiting for the bus. A flower growing in the swamp.

The Phantom slipped in a puddle of blood.
“You’re a dainty one, huh?” The Lady in Blood was hoisting another world into the trunk of her car.
“It’s too dark. I need a flashlight.”
“Help me get it in the trunk.”
A station wagon pulled along side them with feet dangling out the window.
“Do you need any help?” The driver was gnawing on a bale of hay. It was a substitute for destroying someone’s face with his fists.
“No. We’re fine.”
There was an echo from the backseat of the station wagon.
“No. We’re fine.”
“No. We’re fine.”
“No. We’re fine.”
“Now you knock that off back there!” The Hay Man warned the passengers in the backseat. Three of them. Young ones. Conjoined.
Fast Forward.
The trunk slams shut.

A nine hour u-turn and Frankenstein still waits. A patient monster.  A woman tries to put him in her pocket. He doesn’t fit. She pulls her extensions out of her head. The fury has arrived. She tries to put him in her other pocket. He doesn’t fit. She sets him on fire and runs. Frankenstein waits for the bus. On fire. A flower growing in the swamp.


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