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a human. for now.

16.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 13

I didn’t know they had bees that big in my car. It’s crawling slowly around my speedometer. I have one eye on the road and the other on the bee. Now both eyes. Can’t lose sight of the bee. The road goes on being a road even when I’m not looking. Just one bullet and I can make this bee dance.

They were laughing at The Phantom for months. Nonstop. Then one day the laughter from the artwork paused.
“You’re not real.”
“What are you? A Phantom?”
“That’s no art I’ve ever heard of.”
“Why don’t you try being more like Death over there?”
The Phantom vanished. The Trenchcoat in High Heels cornered him in the hall.
“Don’t even think of leaving.”
“You’re my art now. I paid good money for you.”
She screamed in his face. The Trenchcoat in High Heels levitated to the kitchen where a tea kettle was whistling.
The Phantom slammed the bathroom door shut.
There was a long stare at his reflection.
He left with a freshly painted X covering his face.

I brought a bullet to school once. I was four. Told the teacher I found it. She wanted to know where. So I walked around confused for a bit, up a flight of stairs and boom: “right there in that corner.” Are you sure? I nod my head. No one can tell you’re lying from a head nod.
Crisis avoided.
My current crisis involving the bee was still taking place. It wants to catch me with my guard down. Attack when my defenses are low. I’m smarter than that. Even with no eyes on the road.


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