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a human. for now.

19.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 12

Potholes send shockwaves through my skull. A dog falls from my rearview mirror. I pick him up. He has a hole in his back. You can fit a thumb in it. His feet are melted. I put him back on top of the rearview. It’s like he never fell. No one will ever know. A mystery that will stay hidden in this car forever. Only I know the truth of that horrible fall. There were no witnesses. Just me.

One sailor pulled the eyelids of Dead open.
“Look she’s alive.”
“You’re a witchdoctor?”
“Is that an accusation?”
“Well you just did some kind of witchdoctor magic.”
“Voodoo? You think I know voodoo?”
“How else do you explain it?”
“I don’t know medical jargon. Half my vocabulary describes knots.”
The other sailor looked closely in Dead’s eyes.
“I think she likes both of us. We saved her.”
“She has weird toes.”

Secrets are so hard to keep. I just want to yell out my window and tell everyone a dog fell from my rearview mirror. But I know I shouldn’t. What would they think if I told them? The way they would look at my car knowing it contains zero mysteries would destroy my Soul’s soul.


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