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a human. for now.

21.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 21

I don’t think the clouds ever wonder what I look like. They should. They should be curious about the guy staring at them behind a windshield. They don’t know my motives. Why am I so eager to make shapes out of them? I can’t imagine they don’t find this alarming. An object emerges from them. Unidentified at first. Flying…no…falling.

Raindrops were glowing as they bounced off the roof of the barn. Inside the Conjoined Triplets sat on a stack of hay. They passed a cigarette between them while fixated on the X painted across The Phantom’s face. And they thought they were weird. They spoke in unison.
“We’re not your equipment.”
The Phantom shrugged his shoulders. “Sure.”
The middle triplet began having a seizure.
“Great look what you did.”
The Phantom gnawed off his fingernails. “Can that thing stop shaking already?”
Two of the three triplets mocked him.
“Can that thing stop shaking already?”
The barn doors blew open. The Lady in Blood appeared carrying an axe. The Phantom watched her march over to the Conjoined Triplets and drive the axe into a dart board above their heads. She struck a match on her heel and dropped it at their feet. The stack of hay went up in flames. The door blew shut. A thick wooden board kept it that way. The Lady in Blood stood glowing in the rain beside The Phantom.

The object is growing something. Larger. And larger. It rises out above it and expands. Now the object is floating to the Earth. A human and a parachute. All in one. They’re so alive right now facing possible death. I’m alive as well. But they can definitely feel it. I’m really good at watching them live. I beep my horn. That felt good. Yeah. I know what it’s like to be alive.


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