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23.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 34

The dome light of my car is on. I turn it on whenever I have an idea. And right now the idea I had was to turn the dome light on whenever I have an idea. You’re not supposed to drive with it on. But am I supposed to not get ideas when I drive? I’m sure an officer would understand my predicament if he pulled me over for such a violation. Surely he wouldn’t harass me or shoot me. It’s not like I’m a black guy with an idea.

The Mad Lady was staring at her memories in the balloon. A time before the spirits had attached themselves to her. When her neck was of a normal length. She could barely recognize that women from her memories swirling around inside the balloon. There was a time when these memories meant everything to her. They meant enough to save. So she chained them to the wooden rail fence. They could be free to float up and down and side to side, but there whenever she felt the need to visit. Now the visits are but a painful reminder of all her wasted potential from a youth that once held endless possibilities. The Mad Lady pulled a hatchet from the stump next to her. She lifted it above her head and took aim at the rusty chain securing her memories. A tear began to fall from her eye, but climbed back in as she caught a glance of The Phantom Replica.
“What are you doing out here?”
The Phantom Replica stood there with his mouth agape. For the next two and a half minutes he vomited. Ashes.
The Mad Lady released a heavy sigh. “Can someone get me a dustpan?”


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