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29.16 | july

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 2

I learn a lot about myself at red lights. My distaste for the color red for one. I never really noticed how much I don’t like it. It feels so corporate. Like it wants to boss you around, and tell you how to live your life. But you can’t tell me how to live my life. If I stop it’s only because my foot got tired of pressing on the gas. Not because I’m afraid of whatever consequences may be in store for me if I don’t stop.

The Trenchcoat in High Heels leaned over the table and looked in the cup. Only a drop of Joetastic remained. The Mad Lady was face down next to the cup. The Trench Coat in High Heels palm struck the side of her head.
Deep in Joetastic Dreamland the Mad Lady collapsed. She scrambled to her feet and began digging. Her fingernails clawed at the ground tearing apart the Earth. She sniffed her hands then smiled. She shoved her head into the hole.
The Trenchcoat in High Heels flicked the Mad Lady’s nose.
“It’s so floppy. Where did you get such a floppy nose?”
The Mad Lady lifted her head. Her eyes remained shut.
“The Man.”

I learn a lot about myself at red lights. Like how capable I am of ripping my steering wheel to shreds. I don’t use my bare hands like an animal. I use my mind like a gentleman. Everything turns to dust and back again as soon as the light turns green. There’s only room for one magician in this car. So if I find one they’ll be in luck.


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