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1.16 | august

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 21

I love talking with myself when I drive. Chit chatting I call it. I’m my best conversation for myself when I drive alone. I don’t mean to brag, but it’s like I really know how to steer the conversation to keep it interesting the entire time. I can even overreact quite sarcastically and find it to be the most humorous thing happening in my car. I don’t even know if all the things I say are my own thoughts and ideas, but they’re pretty cool in the moment. Guess you have to be there.

The flames were racing several miles high. The Phantom and The Lady in Blood watched the barn burn before them.
“Why are we doing this?”
“It’s a test.”
“What kind of test?”
Chanting could be heard coming from inside the barn. The thick wooden board holding the door shut was tossed several yards away. The barn doors blew open. The Conjoined Triplets walked out engulfed in flames. They were chanting something inaudible over the crackling of the fire. They stood before The Phantom and The Lady in Blood as they willed the flames off their conjoined body. The fire in the barn raged on behind them. They were unharmed and still sharing a cigarette.
“I have to go.” The Phantom tried to leave, but the Lady in Blood grabbed the back of his neck.
“No. You have to stay.”

I could just make up words and say them to myself and I would be cool with it. No one else would tolerate me speaking in tongues when they want to hear real words. Real words are OK sometimes but, let’s be honest, someone else invented them. How original can anyone possibly be when the words we use aren’t even our own? You can try to arrange them in some fancy way. But for what? At that point you’re just showing off. I’m a better word arranger than you. Good job. You should feel so for yourself happy.


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