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a human. for now.

2.16 | august

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 15

I don’t do any spinning stuff while I’m driving. I want to especially when the music is really loud, but I’m a coward. Instead I just turn down the music. The most dangerous thing I do when I’m driving is sometimes I’ll unbuckle my seatbelt before I put the car in park. It’s typically accompanied by maniacal laughter. Then I usually say something cool like, “You’re move now, Evil Knievil.”

The Mad Lady looked at The Man and then at the body parts all over the floor. Then back at The Man.
“What the hell happened?”
Body parts were buried under a pile of broken glass and buttons.
“Your thing knocked over my damn vending machine is what happened.”
The Phantom Replica sat in a dark corner of the room.
“I’m sure it was just an accident.”
“If I didn’t know better I’d say he was looking for a meal. I don’t know what you feed that thing anyway.”
“He only eats matches. It’s the only way to spark some life into him.”
“Yeah. Well I don’t like it. It’s not working. And now it’s messing with my livelihood.”
“It’s not big deal.”
“I’m tired of that thing. It’s creepy. It’s weird. It’s ugly. And it’s stupid. You hear that. You’re stupid!”
The Mad Lady whacked him over the head with a broom.
“You don’t say that to him!”
“Can’t you just get rid of it like you did the other one?”
“This one must guide them, you fool. We must program him how to live so the others aren’t lost.”
“That thing is nobody’s savior! Keep it away from me. I’m done with your experiments.”
The Man walked outside and lit a fat cigar.
“What are you just going to leave body parts all over the floor?”
The Mad Lady walked over to The Phantom Replica. She lit a match. He opened his mouth and swallowed it.


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