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a human. for now.

17.16 | august

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 14

Humans. Weirdos. They should live by a code: not to bother each other unless they need help. It will be printed on the back of dollar bills and posted in hair salons. It will be something to tell their children. That there’s a code. And you have to live by it. There will be those that will try to break the code and bother people. They will be forced to eat rubber for the rest of their days. A knife will be useless. I’ll block the intersection all I want with my car. The light will change eventually.

“She does exhibit some of the same behavior. But I don’t know.”
The Sailors studied Dead from across the boat.
“She would have to have two high heels, right?”
“She only has one so it can’t be her.”
“The other one could have sunk.”
“Or she just likes to wear one.”
“Let’s ask if she has the book. If she says no–”
“Then we know it’s not her.”
The Sailor leaned in to Dead. “You don’t happen to have a User’s Manual on you by chance do you?”
Dead shrugged her shoulders.
“I love when she does that.”
“She’s so different.”
“There’s just something about her.”
“I knew it wasn’t her.”
“That would have been too easy.”
“This is a good consolation prize though.”
“I don’t even think we need a User’s Manual anymore to be honest.”
“I have no desire to cut anymore fingers off.”
“I wonder if that’s good or bad.”

Bad bad bad bad boys they’re not driving my car. Just me. Obeying all the rules of the road. Gently accelerating when the light turns green and signaling for a turn not too far in advance nor at the last minute. I am not driving excitement. I’m just arriving alive. Or whatever it is you would call me.


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