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a human. for now.

18.16 | august

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 21

The sign says be prepared to stop. I don’t need no sign telling me how to be. I’ll be however I want to be. I may decide to be unprepared to stop. That sign doesn’t own me. It has no right to push itself on me like that. That sign doesn’t know what I’m about. How I live my life. I’m going to be me, and no sign can tell me otherwise. But when it comes down to it you best believe I’ll probably be prepared to stop.

“Who is she?”
“I’ll tell you who she is.” The Lady in Blood was losing her patience with The Phantom. “She has the User’s Manual.”
“For what a radio or something?”
“Idiot. For life.”
“So? Who cares?”
“Who cares? My brothers are gone. Lost at sea because they went looking for her.”
“I’m not seeing the importance of this manual.”
“Haven’t you ever wondered why you suck so bad at life?”
“Do I need to remind you again of the giant X painted on your face?”
“Good. So then you’ll take me to her.”
“I think I’d rather–”
The Lady in Blood whistled for the Conjoined Triplets.
“Let’s go, freaks.”
The Triplets mocked her.
“Let’s go, freaks.”
“Let’s go, freaks.”
“Let’s go, freaks.”
The Lady in Blood growled under her breath. The Phantom stumbled around confused as always.
“How do you know about this manual again?”


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