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a human. for now.


chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 14

Give me an artificial cold breeze. Put the windows up. I don’t want any fresh air at all. This is how driving should be. Nice and comfortable. So comfortable you could fall asleep. And I do.

The Sailors were scooping handfuls of their own sweat from the boat and tossing them overboard.
“Why’s it so hot?”
“I didn’t know we could sweat so much.”
“We’re not going to make it.”
“Yes we will. Just keep bailing this sweat out.”
“It’s too much. We’re going down.”
“No we’re not. We can do it.”
Dead splashed sweat in her face.
“It has to go out of the boat not in your face.”
“How come she’s not sweating?”
“Maybe she doesn’t want to.”
“We’re about to sink from our own sweat and somehow she’s completely dry?”
“You know how girls are. They like to look pretty.”
“It’s not normal. Something ain’t right.”
“She’s probably catching a cool sea breeze or turning–”
The Sailor passed out face first in the pool of sweat.
The other Sailor flipped him over.
Dead put her feet up on him.


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