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a human. for now.

9.16 | september

chronicle of an unreliable voice

Folder 21

 Two bikers behind me at a red light. One furiously swats at his arm. He looks angry. Like he wants to murder someone. He foams at the mouth. Another big swing at his arm. A butterfly flies off his arm. He punches his gas tank and looks at the biker next to him in disbelief.

“I don’t think she’s here.”
“Are you sure this is it?”
“It’s changed a bit, but yeah this is it.”
The Lady in Blood and The Phantom traveled the long driveway back to the house he had escaped. It appeared different this time. Someone had done some remodeling with flames. But they were motionless. The fire consuming the house had been frozen in time. They looked around. The property was swarmed with local teens. Drinking. Smoking. Yelling things.
“Tell Brad we’re at the fire!”
Boomboxes blared. Acoustic guitars strummed. A young girl with too many freckles sat on Death’s shoulders.
“Any sign?”
“Of what?”
“The Trench Coat in High Heels. What else?”
“I didn’t know if you meant her or–”
“Where did the freaks go?”


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