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a human. for now.


There’s a moment when you look at the clock (the one right above your head on the wall) and for just a split second you notice a change. Your world literally stops for one brief moment. The second hand stops for a hair too long. And you notice it and you think, “I’ve done it. I’ve stopped time.” And you think you finally have found your reason for existing. Why you were put on this planet. Because you knew you weren’t like the rest of them. You knee you weren’t meant to spend your life working a job you despise, and you knew there must have been a reason you had no real skills or talents of any sort. It was obviously because you were different. There were always bigger plans for you that you couldn’t see. You knew you were special. And then the second hand moves. In an instant a whole reality, a dream vanquished. You look back at your frozen meal which is both still frozen and overcooked. Then you look back at the clock. But this time all you notice are the precious seconds of your lunch hour going wherever it is time goes. And even though you hate your job you convince yourself maybe it’s all a dream, and once you realize it’s a dream you can change the narrative. This could buy you a few days you think. Afterall, you may not have any skills or talents, but you still have your imagination. 


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