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Greetings. I’m Tony Espino. This is basically a home for some creative things I’ve done. Mostly a lot of comedy writing and some videos. I thought I would share them, maybe hear what you do and don’t like about them and make some new friends. Sounds like a plan.

Just an extra word on some of the pages:

Chronicle of an Unreliable Voice –  To start at the beginning click the link  21.16 | june in the sidebar. The dates run until October, but it’s still a work in progress.

Sideways Series – The idea here was that I wanted to fill a page with doors that all looked alike, and when you clicked on a door it took you to a different, strangely bizarre story. The stories are all flash fiction, and from time to time I’ll continue to fill the page.

Sketches – These are comedy sketches not drawings. I’m terrible at drawing. I’ll get to that later. These are just some comedy sketches I wrote, but I’ve stopped posting more for whatever reason. Maybe I’ll post more, but it doesn’t seem like people are too interested in reading them.

Videos – There’s nothing professional about the quality of these at all. There are a couple of animations I made, a handful of short improvised sketches and also a link to Drawing Fast:Not A User’s Guide To Gunslinging. Remember when I said I was terrible at drawing?  (I hope so it was literally like one paragraph ago.) Well this is another blog I started where I show people how to draw pictures with really pointed titles like How To Draw The Brother of the Man Who Built Jesus’ Cross. It was inspired by the amazingness of Bob Ross and his soothing delivery.

Writing – This is a page with links to other writing things I’ve done.

Clit Mag is a collection of flash fiction I wrote in 2010-2011. I decided it needed an upgrade in appearance so it didn’t look  like you were reading everything at a DOS prompt. Originally it was designed with only pages, but when I upgraded it I had to make them all blogposts. What a crazy story right? It’s not. But I just thought since I told you these stories were from 2010 that you might not believe me and think I’m some sort of weird liar of unimportant stuff since the date on the blogs reflects the date I updated it.

Clit Mag runs into Bob The Atomic Awesomeness. This was another blog I wrote following Clit Mag in 2011. Where Clit Mag was a different story with different characters every time, Bob The Atomic Awesomeness was a set of different stories with the same cast of characters.

The brochure I made titled Pinecone Venesection was me just wanting to create an odd brochure you might see in something like Twin Peaks that contains no real information and makes little sense at all.

The short story The Fragmented Stranger of The Slaughterhouse Awakening I wrote using the cut-up method.

The Song Meanings on this page start with lyrics how I hear them not what they actually are. Some people have missed this point and have left hilarious comments.

So that’s what this site is all about. Have fun and let me know what you love and hate. Thanks.


3 comments on “About

  1. dentaleggs/Eva
    February 5, 2014

    Many thanks for visiting the site, Tony.

  2. Thank you for following my blog. I appreciate it a great deal.

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